I imagine:

I wake up in a flat in Manhattan with a beautiful wife next to me.

I stand up, prepare the breakfast and surf internet a bit.

Then we start having breakfast and a little chitchat between us.

I get in, I have to go to work, I kiss her and I say “see you later”.

And I start walking all the way down the 1st Avenue,

to the United Nation Headquarters.

Today is the Millenium Development Goals Congress,

the slogan is Make it happen,

and that’s what I come here for.

I say hi! to a close friend of mine.

And we go quickly for a coffee.

We return into the congress, the first conference has started,

the speaker says

“Time is short.

We must seize this moment

to act responsibly and decisively

for the common good.”

And that is what I come here for.

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